Kayaking and Andrea Botchelli

It’s here! The final blog post. Or, “Time to Say Goodbye”, as Andrea Botchelli would put it. (Our flight home was with an Italian airline and they played this song over the tannoy as we exited the plane.) After Sunday, we had four days to play around with before our flight home. On Monday, we... Continue Reading →


New Christians and Pokémon Go

Day Seventeen I am an introvert, and it was correctly identified by the others that I needed a day away from people, so that is exactly what I did today. Here’s Chris to catch you up on Thursday’s (penultimate) youth café… We hosted the last (planned) Access: Youth Cafe on Thursday, with Jamie and Lisa,... Continue Reading →

Hammocks and Technical Issues

Day Thirteen The Dutch group came to church again this morning; at the end of the service they performed a hymn for us (in Dutch) that they’d been practicing. It was another lovely morning of fellowship; the small chapel was pretty packed, and I’m sure we almost raised the roof with our voices! We had... Continue Reading →

Spare Keys and Greek Lessons

Day Nine We had a day off today, but Mel received some amazing news: she got the residential advisor job for her halls at university! This means that she will be instrumental in helping to pastorally support and encourage the undergraduates in her halls, and she will be able to afford her Masters! Congratulations, Mel!... Continue Reading →

Make-Up and Moana

Day Five We had our Pamper Evening today. Sandra (who runs her own beauty shop in town and comes to Holy Trinity) came with her friend and colleague, Anastasia, to set up makeup and tables, which we decided last minute to move outside. It was a wonderful atmosphere! Aside from the three of us, Jules,... Continue Reading →

Souvlaki and Golden Caskets

Day Two On Wednesday, we had a day off! (I know, it’s only day 2…) We had a prayer meeting together (Mel, Chris and I at the flat, and Jules in his home – he still wasn’t very well), and then we grabbed a load of flyers for the various events that are coming up... Continue Reading →

It Begins…

Those of you who’ve been keeping up on Facebook will see that we’ve made it safely to Corfu! On Saturday, Chris and I travelled together by train to stay with Mel overnight, as she lives closer to Stansted than we do. (Shropshire isn’t really close to anything at all.) On Sunday, everything began… Our taxi... Continue Reading →

2 weeks to go…

I think it's about time we did some updating, don't you? [Hello, I'm Rebecca.] Firstly, for those of you who are unaware, we have a new member aboard! This is Chris:  He is the third member of our team flying out with us to help run Festival Jubilaté, and I am genuinely so thrilled to... Continue Reading →

Exciting Times (and Timetables)

Things are getting more and more exciting... We now have a complete timetable of events! Festival Jubilaté is running from Tuesday 8th August through to Sunday 27th August. Please pray, and help us spread the word! #GodIsMovingInCorfu

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