Kayaking and Andrea Botchelli

It’s here! The final blog post. Or, “Time to Say Goodbye”, as Andrea Botchelli would put it. (Our flight home was with an Italian airline and they played this song over the tannoy as we exited the plane.)

After Sunday, we had four days to play around with before our flight home.

On Monday, we got up super early to watch the sunrise – I wanted to take advantage of the fact we were staying on the East coast. As you can see from the pictures, it was worth it!

On Tuesday, we held a final youth café, and once again Jamie and Lisa came to hang out with us. We played Uno, and Chairs (you stack plastic chairs – that really is the game) and Jamie showed us more magic tricks that still have me baffled.

In our spare time, the three of us played Quelf: a game loaned to us by Cindy and Matt before they left for Nepal. It’s a bizarre board game where you have to obey every card you pick up. Chris tried valiantly to motivate us to pick our noses, did an Irish jig (or his version of it) whilst singing “The Wheels on the Bus”, and slow danced with me; Mel had to lie under the table for 2 turns, and start every sentence with the word “tsk” for nearly the whole game; and I had to wrap toilet paper round my head and pretend to ride a horse. It was hilarious and embarrassing and thank goodness no one will ever find out.

On Wednesday, Jules and Trish took the three of us to the west coast of Corfu island, to a beach called Ermones: a man-made beach that came into existence due to a lot of dynamite coming into contact with a lot of hillside. The water here was much, much colder, and a lot choppier (think the Welsh coast on a nice day). They loaned us their two-seater kayak; Chris and Mel went first and capsized a little bit before setting off to explore a nearby cave. When they came back, I hopped in with Jules and we also went to the cave, before crossing to the other side of the bay to a little inlet, and then back to shore. Once we’d (sort of) dried off, we went back to their house for a BBQ and watched a stunning sunset.

Thursday was all go; we packed and cleaned before Jules dropped us off at the airport and we said goodbye. The good news is that there are not-so-vague plans to repeat Festival Jubilaté next year (but not in August)! This year has been a great start, and we’ve learned a lot. God has done so much through three weeks of events, and the interactions we’ve had have been purposeful, significant, and many. The three of us couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and teammate than Jules, and his vision and passion for the church and the locals is inspiring.


The three of us are scattering to the three corners of the globe; Chris is off to Egypt for more mission work, Mel has just moved to Liverpool to begin her Masters, and I’m back in Shropshire with my parents (to await further instruction).

If I’ve learnt anything from this experience, is that God can do anything when you make yourself available. He can also use anything and anyone to reveal who He is, and display His glory.

To finish, I would like to say THANK YOU to all those who have read, followed, and prayed for us, and this whole event. We couldn’t have done this without Jesus, but we couldn’t have done it without you either. The four of us are very, very grateful for all of your encouragement.

God is good. And He always wants to meet with His people.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13



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  1. It was brilliant to have all three of you sharing you time and Spiritual energy with us! I am SO glad the next Jubilate will not be in August!! You will all be in our prayers and we would love to hear of your adventures….. God is indeed good! Anne x


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